Opening Outlook 2016 / 365 Crashing Internet Explorer on Windows Server 2012 R2

Recently I came accros a issue on Windows Server 2012 R2. On start of Outlook I always received two error messages „Internet Explorer has stopped working“.  Tried several things to get rid of it, nothing helped. Since there is not much to find about this combination, I document it here.


Download KB4012216 from Microsoft, install and reboot. Voila, errors gone.




How to hide all disabled Citrix XenApp applications in 7.X

While preparing a new farm, I realised that there is no GUI feature to hide a disabled application in XenApp 7.X unlike it was in 6.X.

This is causing issues for users when trying to open a disabled app. They will receive a error message „The resource you requested is no longer available from the server or you are no longer permitted to access it.“ or similar.

At this time there is no option to do this from within Citrix Studio. But you can do it easily using PowerShell.

This 3 lines will hide all disabled apps at once.

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Failed to connect to Let’s Encrypt. Please make sure your Diskstation and Router have Port 80…

I recently was annoyed by a strange error.

„Failed to connect to Let’s Encrypt. Please make sure your Diskstation and router have port 80 open to Let’s Encrypt domain validation from the Internet. All other communications with Let’s Encrypt go over HTTPS to keep your Diskstation secure.“

Synology Lets Encrypt Issue

Is was searching for port forwarding issues on port 80 and 443. But seems all correct and working. Must be something else. Finally found the root cause.

The website was reachable using www sub- domain prefix but not without.  Using there was a not working redirection. As soon as I fixed this I was able to get the certificate from Lets Encrypt. So don’t let this error message guide you in the wrong way.

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Obtain Citrix HRP version using Powershell when not displayed in Citrix AppCenter

Several of my servers do not show the HRP in the AppCenter Console. As the usual fix using to recreated the LHC did not work and I can’t reboot the servers for some weeks I wrote this Powershell OneLiner to get it directly from the list of installed programs.

Maybe its useful for somebody else.


Display server name in StoreFront 3

Following up this article at the Citrix forum, I’l explain how to display the Server name in StoreFront 3 in the browser. I’m doing that using a text file as a cache.  The reason for this is because I’m trying to use the  server name in the native receiver as well which works offline only (not yet working ).  

My method is based on the older GetServerData.aspx method that I modified for our needs.

Step 1: Create ‚GetServerData.aspx‘ in \custom folder.  It does the following:

  • Gets  IP and server name into variables (I use only server name, format is xxx_xxx)
  • Shortens the server name to the first 2 and the last character
  • If it not exists already it writes it to text file /custom/cache/server-info.txt
  • text file is re-created every 24 hours

I’m sure the code can be better but it works for me. 


Step 2:  In /custom/script.js add the code below

  • It will add the server name to the login and main page of StoreFront


Step 3:  Add this to  /custom/style.css


Do a IIS restart and have a look at the right lower corner.


Native Citrix Receiver:  I’m really having a hard time to use the server-info.txt file and display it for receiver as well.  Any proposals are welcome. Please leave a comment.